Visual Arts: Emphasis in Fashion Design

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Emphasis in Fashion Design

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts
8 semesters
Teaching Mode
Face to Face Learning
¿Por qué estudiar Diseño de modas en la USFQ?


The Emphasis in Fashion Design offers the student a creative, technical and practical approach, in which disciplines from the world of Fashion and the Arts converge. By using new technologies as a means of artistic expression, the fashion designers broaden their perspective of the fashion world and acquire a more creative and innovative view that makes them trendsetters, not just followers. The Emphasis in Fashion Design takes advantage of the creative environment of the Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and uses the areas of drawing, painting, video, sculpture, graphics, photography, audio, digital image, and interactivity to create innovative fashion collections. Our goal is to train artistic designers with a solid theoretical, practical, and technical base, who express their creativity and sensitivity through the means of art and current fashion.


  • Comprehensive training that offers students the possibility of becoming artists, creators, designers, entrepreneurs, producers, and fashion managers.
  • Attention to interdisciplinarity in the Arts, both in its theoretical and technical aspects, as well as in its creative and aesthetic aspects.
  • Training in advanced media and technologies, in accordance with the needs and demands of the contemporary world of Arts and fashion.
  • New textile experimentation workshops, sewing and pattern making, and digital workshop.
  • Annual fashion shows, with collections created by students and graduates, with high media impact.

Professional Profile

Graduates with an Emphasis in Fashion Design:

  • Will be able to conceive and execute wardrobe collections according to the needs of any market.
  • Will have the ability to function in both manufacturing and design and marketing processes.
  • Their training allows them to choose graduate programs in fashion and related areas, at prestigious universities in Europe and North America.

Professional Field


Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts with and Emphasis in Fashion Design graduates will have the ability to perform as:

  • • Designer of women's clothing
  • Designer of children's clothing
  • Designer of men's clothing
  • Accessories designer
  • Coolhunter, trend researcher
  • Pattern maker
  • Costume designer for theater, cinema, and television
  • Stylist
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Creative Producer of fashion events


Testimonials from our graduates:

"USFQ's fashion program has been a great experience. The USFQ philosophy of Liberal Arts allowed me to develop leadership, analytical curiosity, and the desire to continue my studies. I did so at Goldsmiths University of London in 2015, by studying a Master's of Art focused on critical fashion studies. This allowed me to work in independent fashion design areas in Quito and in textile design areas in an important Ecuadorian textile company, understanding how the local industry works. I had the opportunity to work as a part-time professor for a year and now the university has allowed me to work as a full-time professor, being part of the USFQ family once again. This is a career that has many applications, from textile production, through the shopping areas of fashion department stores, to the creation of our own brands, always focusing on training professionals who are leaders in their fields and with great opportunities.”

Sara Molina, MA Class of 2015, Product Designer for Delltex, Creator of IBU apparel, Professor of Fashion Design USFQ

“Studying Fashion Design at USFQ allowed me to expand my horizons in the project and academic fields. At the end of my program, I have been able to extrapolate a much more conceptual and sensitive vision to the collections that I design season after season; taking into account the market for which I am working without neglecting creativity and effectiveness in the processes.

The liberal arts philosophy with which the University operates, has made me an integral person and professional, who not only understands the entire production chain of the clothing industry, but also has the tools to work in the area of ​​fashion from different approaches, with an even greater spectrum of knowledge, thus allowing me to tackle my research topic of a master's degree in fashion and gender." 

Juan Carlos Guamán Carvajal, class of 2009, 2015. Contemporary Arts with specialization in Fashion Design. Creative Director JACKIE CARVAJAL, USFQ/ITSA Professor 

“The Fashion Design career at USFQ has given me a full education. I have managed to achieve my personal work goals, with leadership and entrepreneurship as fundamental pillars. I have managed to apply everything learned in the classroom to real life, creating conceptual, commercial, and harmonic fashion collections that have shaped my own style to the public.

Without a doubt, this program will give you the necessary tools to translate your ideas into exquisite clothing and will train you as an excellent professional ready for the job market.”

Hugo Checa, class of 2012. Graduated in fashion design. Designer for ETA Fashion. Creator of the blog The Mayor’s Statement

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