Diseño de Medios Interactivos

College of Communication and Contemporary Arts

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Medios Interactivos

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
8 semesters
Teaching Mode

The Interactive Media Track curriculum trains professionals with an interdisciplinary profile, both artistic and technical, who are capable of designing, managing, coordinating, and participating in the production of interactive content, using information and communication technologies, and incorporating theories and methodologies of User Experience design to facilitate interaction between digital systems and people. Our students have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop interactive experiences, such as video games, mobile applications, web platforms, and installations, among others.


The program:

  • The track in Interactive Media is unique in the country. It trains professionals with a mixed profile, capable of combining communication, art and programming.
  • Interactive Media allows you to explore technology to create interactive experiences through the development of video games, applications, installations, web portals, among others.
  • During the four years of study, students have access to state-of-the-art tools to develop innovative interactive products.
  • The track seeks dreamers and creators, who wish to contribute to the world through the development of high-impact interactive products or services.


  • Interactive Media has exchange agreements with major universities in Europe, the United States and Asia.
  • COCOA is part of the Cumulus network, the only network of arts, design and interactivity universities in the world.
  • In Ecuador, we are the organizers of several events of academic relevance, such as the Processing Community Day, a world event that promotes the use of free software; and Vértice, Biennial of Design, Innovation and Interactivity, among others.

The professors:

  • All of our professors have 4th level degrees obtained abroad at internationally renowned universities.


  • We have the latest generation laboratories, equipment and tools to develop projects in mixed realities, physical facilities, or electronic projects.
  • We are always updating and incorporating new technologies and hardware to maintain a dynamic track that meets current and future market requirements.

Professional Field

  • Our graduates have the possibility to work in a wide variety of companies, from advertising agencies and production companies, to software development companies, entertainment, education, or start their own business.
  • Due to the high demand in the labor market for professionals capable of directing, creating and/ or developing technological projects, our graduates have a greater chance of finding a job that meets their expectations.

Professional Profile

The Interactive Media graduate has the knowledge, skills and abilities to understand the changing needs of today's world, which is why he or she is highly demanded by all types of companies, both nationally and internationally. Our students have the ability to develop all kinds of interactive experiences, such as web platforms, applications, installations, video games, among others.


“It was in 2015 that the USFQ opened its doors for me, and after 4 years, I can say that it not only helped me grow as a professional, but also as a person. A university that not only consists of subjects and grades but represents a whole life experience. The Interactive Media track was my best decision, giving me the opportunity to develop my skills and creativity in a dynamic and diverse environment that adapts to the tastes and expectations of each student. I am proud to have been a part of USFQ as a student, and today, as a graduate. Forever a Dragon! " Darío Pazmiño, Junior Jobsity Developer.

"The Graphic Design major Interactive Media track at USFQ makes your mind generate proposals and functional solutions for problems that are presented daily in a creative way. During the four years that I attended my studies, I learned that success is achieved with teamwork, and that is precisely what the Liberal Arts encourages, forming multidisciplinary teams that observe the world with critical eyes, with different perspectives, but whose The goal is to solve problems together. Studying Graphic Design with an Interactive Media itinerary gives you the freedom and tools to create functional and aesthetically pleasing digital products. For me the best thing about the degree is the practical classes because you learn through experimentation " María Fernanda Ramírez, Webmaster of Grupo El Comercio.

“I think I could not have chosen a better university or major to train in the professional field; USFQ is one of the universities that does not stop reinventing itself or updating itself as the semesters go by. In a career of growth as exponential as Graphic Design with an emphasis on technologies, it seems vitally important to me to constantly update themes and development methods that are always at the level of current technologies. This is why I find it great that the university always seeks to be up to date and brings new development processes to students. I really enjoyed being able to soak up development-related fields and study subjects that are essential to understanding each stage of the design and code process. With an excellent group of teachers, the USFQ is equipped to attend to all the doubts and problems that one may have in the training process " Juan Camilo Sus, senior student.

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