Instituto de Investigación en Biomateriales Dentales Michael G. Buonocore

College of Health Sciences
About us

The Michael G. Bunocore Dental Biomaterials Research Institute - USFQ- College of Health Sciences is the first research laboratory specialized in the analysis of dental materials in Ecuador. The purpose of this institute is to carry out analyzes of the physical, chemical, mechanical, and biological properties of the different dental biomaterials, both those that are available on the market, as well as new experimental materials and therapeutic techniques in vitro. Thus, we contribute to the research training of the undergraduate and graduate students of the School of Dentistry, providing the necessary tools and equipment to awaken their interest in research.

Research Interests

Medicine, Dentistry.

Analysis of biomaterials used in: Dental Surgery, Oral Rehabilitation, Endodontics, Periodontics and Implantology, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry. Study of oral pathologies.

Academic staff

The mission of the Dental Institute is to generate scientific knowledge in the area of ​​Dental Materials, Dental Surgery, Oral Rehabilitation, and other related areas. For this, the tests carried out in the Research Laboratory are based on current trends and state of the art of the techniques and materials used, in order to become an international benchmark center in scientific production.


The vision of the institute, as an organized unit of USFQ, is to become a research center of national and international reference in dental biomaterials, thanks to the scientific knowledge generated in our facilities and through the collaboration of international research groups.



  • Andrés Dávila Sánchez
    DDS-Spec.-MS- PhD
  • Director
  • Michael G. Buonocore Dental Biomaterials Research Institute
  • University of San Francisco de Quito, Cumbayá campus.
  • P.O. Box: 17-1200-841 Quito, Ecuador.
  • Telephone:+593 2 2971 700 ext. 2089
  • Email:

National and International Collaborating Researchers

Prof. Cesar Augusto Galvão Arrais

Prof. Alessandro Loguercio

Prof. Camilo Pulido
( U. Nacional – Colombia)

Prof. Felipe Gutiérrez
(U de Chile)

Prof. Luján Méndez Bauer
(UFM- Guatemala)

Administrative Staff

Paula Sánchez
Telephone: (+593) 2 2971 700 ext. 2148

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