Universidad San Francisco de Quito seeks to collaborate in international networks that focus on developing academic and administrative expertise, as well as innovating the academic curriculum for students. 

We also seek to increase international understanding focused around the economy, politics, society, environment and interculturality of global challenges. 

All these initiatives are sent to students and teachers through internal USFQ´s channels when their calls are opened. 


 Global Liberal Arts Alliance

The Global Liberal Arts Alliance, known by its acronym in English, GLAA, is an association that seeks to strengthen the education of Liberal Arts around the world. The strength of the network is in sharing the knowledge and experiences of the institutions to educate our students and become leaders in a highly globalized world. 

Some of its members are: Hope College-USA, American College Greece, Depauw University-USA, American University Cairo, Effat University-Saudi Arabia, Flame University - India, International University of Grand Bassam in Ivory Coast, Kalamazoo College-USA, Lingnan University-Hong Kong, among others. 

Annual programs: 

  • Connected Courses, for academics who want to advance the curriculum of their classes and internationalize them. 
  • Digital tools workshop for liberal arts-OHLA 
  • Scholarships to support Liberal Arts initiatives 
  • Leadership and democracy programs for students 
  • Conferences and collaborations for academics and students. 


 Association of Pacific Rim Universities

The Association of Pacific Universities, known by its acronym in English as APRU, is a network of leading Research Universities; which seek to promote education and public policy on issues that generate viable solutions on Sustainable Development issues and come from 17 economies in the Pacific Region. 

Some of its members are: University of California in Los Angeles-USA (UCLA, University of Oregon-USA, University of British Columbia (UBC) -Canada, Tecnológico de Monterrey-Mexico, Universidad de Chile, Australia National University, National University of Taiwan, University of Indonesia, University of Osaka-Japan, Far Eastern Federal University-Russia, Chulalongkorn University-Thailand, The University of Hong Kong-China, among others, 

Annual programs: 

  • Conferences framed within the initiatives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Leadership programs for students 
  • APEC Advisory Council 


 Hemespheric University Consortium

The Hemispheric Consortium of Universities, known by its acronym in English HUC, is an alliance promoted by the University of Miami across America that seeks to discover and share knowledge focused on the problems in our region. The network specializes in encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and promoting social initiatives. 

Some of its members are: University of Miami-USA, University of Sao Pablo-Brazil, Universidad de los Andes-Colombia, Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Cayetano Heredia-Peru, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, University of the West Indies 

Annual programs: 

  1. Marine Biology Class (ENG) 
  2.  HUC Technology Transfer Network, which seeks to create an innovation network from Latin American Universities for capital markets. 
  3. Innovation Observatory, a network where laboratories and resources are shared among the participating Universities. 
  4. Conferences and Collaboratives focused on technology and financial markets.