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In this subspecialization, the student acquires advanced concepts of basic and fundamental physics, such as Quantum Mechanics, Thermal Physics and Statistics, and Electromagnetic Theory. These concepts complement the applied training of the student, especially those coming from the engineering area, providing competitive advantages to perform in various projects and research-oriented graduate studies.

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In order to take the Quantum Mechanics 1 and Electromagnetic Theory classes, you must have first taken Mathematical Methods in Physics.

(a) Students who already have a course in Thermodynamics in their program's plan of study cannot choose FIS 2002 for subspecialization.
(b) Students who already have this course in their plan of study cannot apply it to subspecialization, they must choose another course from the list.
(c) Students who already have an Electromagnetic Theory course in their plan of study cannot choose FIS 4601 for subspecialization.
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