Mechanical Engineering

College of Sciences and Engineering
Minor description

The Mechanical Engineering subspecialization offers the development of aptitudes, skills, and knowledge in the fields of energy management, machine and/or product design, robotics, and management. It is specially designed for students of other Engineering or Bachelor's of Science programs interested in Mechanical Engineering applications. Students from related programs will take the CORE of the Polytechnic school and the science courses required by the General College, which are requirements to obtain the subspecialization in IME. Interested students must take 6 subjects from those described in the subspecialization curriculum. One of those subjects must be a program elective.

Interested students should request the advice of Mechanical Engineering professors to properly select the courses according to their interests and take into consideration that some have prerequisites (these prerequisite subjects are the same as those listed, and classes outside the proposed list should not be considered).

Credit hours
Additional Information

To opt for this subspecialization, students must comply with all internal regulations of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Students from programs that share courses with the Department of Mechanical Engineering may consider the courses taken within their degree as part of the Mechanical Engineering Subspecialization, as long as they are included in the list.

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