Criminal Behavior

College of Social Sciences and Humanities
College of Law
Minor description

This minor seeks to offer students a broad vision of the most important concepts and tools of psychology applied to criminal behavior. Students will be able to understand basic concepts about crime, the profile of the criminal and will have an approach to the most important tools for interviewing and supporting victims.
This minor is aimed at Psychology and Jurisprudence students.

Credit hours
Detalle de Currículum

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ANT 3304 Forensic Anthropology 3  
JUR 2401 Criminal Law I* 3 JUR 1202 Constitutional Law
JUR 4081 Criminology 3 JUR 2401 Criminal Law I
PSI 3087 Forensic Interviewing 3  
PSI 3088 Criminal profiling* 3  
PSI 3702 Sexual Abuse 3 PSI 2103 Introduction to Psychology
PSI 4080 Psychocriminology 3 PSI 3002 Clinical Psychology
PSI 4304 Forensic Psychology 3 PSI 3002 Clinical Psychology
PSI 4602 Crisis Intervention 3 PSI 2602 Theories of Personality

To complete the minor, students must pass 5 subjects, of which 2 are mandatory: JUR 2401 Criminal Law I and PSI 3088 Criminal Profiling. To complete the minor, they may choose among other subjects that make up this proposal.

Additional Information

For Psychology students, they must only complete the 5 classes of the Minor.
For Jurisprudence students, their final degree work must be related to the minor.


It is only directed to students who are studying Psychology and Law, it is not open to all USFQ students.

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