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The Economy Club is an organization formed by USFQ students with the intention of providing students with an alternative space where they can spread their ideas, comments, research, and criticism during an educational process. Likewise, conferences and talks are promoted in order to satisfy the demands of the students and broaden the vision of the students through the confrontation of ideas and constructive criticism of the topics in vogue.

About the Publication

"The Panchonomist" Magazine was a biannual USFQ Economics Club publication during 2012 and 2013 with the support of the Institute of Economics. Its main objective was to publish academic articles that could be easily read and understood by students from all schools; and, at the same time, constitute a complement to the knowledge taught in the classroom.

Being a student magazine run by undergraduate students from the School of Economics, 100% of the articles were written by the students themselves as well as the editing and design process.

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