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DQ/Manus is currently out of circulation and is kept as a reference for its readers

DQ/MANUS, USFQ's Magazine of the College of Architecture and Interior Design (CADI) presents, in its first issue, a broad vision of the city of Barcelona. This consists of two aspects: one based on tests carried out by CADI professors and the direct experiences of Ecuadorian architects in Barcelona. In other words, it is a theoretical and experiential approach. The other is made up of representative works by Catalan architects invited to the XIV International Architecture Forum - Barcelona: this being almost a timely and conjunctural condition.

The above, however, gives us clues as to how the magazine is intended to be structured: thematically, with theoretical and practical visions. The relationship between thought and work will be the central emphasis.

I believe, without a doubt, that there is a space in the country for a magazine with the aforementioned structure, a structure that will be flexible, moldable, and inclusive.

Diego Oleas
March 2013​



Articles and short opinions in context or not with the central theme of the magazine.


Articles of agents of recognized social, professional, and/or academic solvency, national and international, that frame their position on the subject of the corresponding cover. They are “foundations”: clear and concise expositions, the ingredients for a real debate, which make the position from Ecuador and from outside Ecuador very clear regarding the issues raised.


Dossier made by the editorial team that documents extensively and makes a complete review of the cover theme as a mosaic of the work of the agents involved, is a work of documentation and research that is completed with brief external glances and a graphic record in which identifies architectures and architectural situations in process.


Information in extended file format, architecture projects built and duly documented. Professional photography, diagrams, and complete planimetries.

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