Apachita (Revista Inactiva)

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Apachita is currently out of circulation and is kept as a reference for its readers

In the Andean culture, the "apachita" is a place besides the road, generally a high mountain, where travelers deposited a stone in gratitude to the apus for a happy journey. And "Apachita" is the archaeological dissemination bulletin prepared by USFQ's Sociocultural Research Center, with the participation of fellow archaeologists and students of Ecuadorian archeology. Our aim is to consider each bulletin as an “intellectual” pebble, collected in order to build a construction of solid academic preparation for future archaeologists.

About the Magazine

The Apachita Bulletin is published every semester, with several permanent sections, which include background articles, archaeological news, and a bibliography of the latest publications in the discipline. With Intermittently nature appear the pre-Columbian culture sections, documents for the history of the discipline, the Apachita quotation, and others of an incidental nature.

CIS is the USFQ's Sociocultural Research Center, whose archaeologists actively participate in the academic contribution and in the production of the newsletter. It is distributed free of charge to the university community, cultural institutions, and people interested in archeology.