Specialization in Competition Law and Economics

College of Law
Specialist in Competition Law and Economics
12 months (two regular periods)
Teaching Mode

Synchronous classes (in real time) - Thursdays from 18h00 to 20h00 and Fridays from 16h00 to 20h00.

Start of Classes
January, 2023

RPC-SO-28-No.445-2022, July 20, 2022

Total Cost

Enrollment fee: $5,455.00
Tuition: $545.00

Application Examination Dates
September 17,
October 22,
November 19,
December 10, 2022.

The Specialization in Competition Law and Economics is an academic program that seeks to train professionals with sophisticated knowledge of free competition, including market regulation, public competition policy and specific behaviors such as abuse of market power, cartels, merger control, among others.

The program guides students from international experience, with several renowned professors in the region and the world, and complements it by analyzing the particularities of the Ecuadorian regime from the hand of several professionals with vast and close knowledge of the national system, including professors working in the Superintendence of Control of Market Power.

It will train professionals with the ability to diagnose, analyze, advise and solve complex problems related to free competition and anticompetitive practices, with a useful perspective for private practitioners, public officials and academics.

Applicant's Profile

This program is designed for professionals with a background in law or economics.

The applicant must be a disciplined, honest person, with the ability to work independently and in groups. The academic demands of the program are high, therefore, the applicant must have maturity and rigor to meet the expectations of the institution, professors and tutors of the graduate program.


  • The program was built and will be implemented in conjunction with several institutions with proven experience and prestige in free competition, such as the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez de Chile, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the Court of Justice of the Andean Community of Nations and the Superintendency for the Control of Market Power. This ensures a very high academic standard, as well as proximity to national and international references in the field, whose main activity is focused on free competition.
  • The teaching staff is mostly foreign; the professors are regional and world referents in the field.
  • The specialization grants a degree recognized by the Ecuadorian State (SENESCYT) but is organized under an international quality standard at a very competitive price. The program is taught in a full academic year, unlike similar courses that take only a few months or weeks.
  • The course is taught in virtual mode, but all classes are synchronous (in real time), ensuring a deep and meaningful interaction with national and international professors.
  • The program is organized in small courses, so that all students can participate and take advantage of the exposure to professors and tutors.
  • Graduates will have tools that will enable them to understand and apply to concrete problems the concepts of competition law and economics in the national and international framework.
  • It is a program that values intervention in spaces where ideas, opinions and positions are confronted in order to create creative solutions based on equality and respect for rights.

Professional field

This program provides its students with the sophisticated knowledge required to progress in the free competition labor market. The rigorous nature of the program enables its graduates to provide creative solutions to complex problems that arise in academia, multinational companies, local businesses, professional consulting and the public sector.

Financing and scholarships

USFQ Alumni have 10% discount

Payments: Cash, check, educational/financial credit and credit/debit card.

Credit or debit card: you can make your payment through our Online Payment System, accessing the link: https://btnpagos.usfq.edu.ec/pagos/

  • We accept all national and international credit and debit cards.
  • You can defer your payments with cards issued by: Diners, Discover, Visa Titanium, Banco Guayaquil, Banco Pichincha, Banco Bolivariano, Produbanco and Banco del Austro.
  • Semester or academic period payments: up to 9 months interest free.
    This program has 2 (two) academic periods. Therefore, the total of the program can be paid in 2 (two) equal installments and each one can be deferred up to 9 months without interest. Payment dates will coincide with the beginning of each academic period (check dates in the Academic Calendar of the program).
  • Payments for the entire program: deferred without interest at the same time as the duration of the graduate program.
  • Financing with Produbanco-Promerica Group credit cards up to 24 months interest free.
  • In case you require a longer term, we have deferred payments of up to 36 months with interest.

Transfer or deposits: you can make your deposit or transfer with the following information and upload the receipt in the Online Payment System in the link: https://btnpagos.usfq.edu.ec/pagos/

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Other payment options

For more information you can contact us at the following contacts.

Maria Eugenia Salazar: mesalazar@usfq.edu.ec. Telephone: 02-297-1991
Robert Gonzalez: rgonzalez@usfq.edu.ec. Phone: 02-297-189


According to the Scholarship Regulations of the graduate program, scholarships will be granted if a minimum number of students established by USFQ is reached. The scholarships consist of up to five (5) scholarships per cohort covering 20% of the program fee each. For more information contact posgradocompetencia@usfq.edu.ec.



  • Third level degree, issued by an accredited university in the country and registered with SENESCYT in law or economics. In the case of third level or fourth level degrees, if applicable, obtained abroad, the applicant must previously register with SENESCYT.
  • Copy of identity card or passport.
  • Degree certificate with grade.
  • Official record of grades.
  • SENESCYT degree record printed.
  • Pass the USFQ postgraduate admission exam. For this refer to the admissions process at: http://www.usfq.edu.ec/admisiones/admisiones_posgrado.

* Note: Although the program does not require demonstrating any level of proficiency in English, all Graduate School students must take a certification exam from the USFQ Department of Foreign Languages - DLE to accredit their knowledge in the language.


  • One (1) letter of recommendation, either professional or academic, attesting to the applicant's excellence.
  • All professionals with an educational background only in law must take the Introductory Economic Concepts course. This preparatory course is included in the program fee.
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