Undergraduate Admissions

La USFQ mantiene distintas criterios para admisión de estudiantes nuevos. A continuación, puedes conocer más información sobre cada caso, según tu necesidad:


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La USFQ brinda una nueva oportunidad a los estudiantes que culminan el bachillerato y tienen pensado ir a estudiar en el extranjero y también para quienes ya estudiaban en el extranjero, pero por...


USFQ manages the admissions of new students under different criteria. Below, you can learn more information about each case, depending on your needs:

Admissions of Regular Students:
A Regular Student is one who intends to obtain an academic degree in one of the USFQ Academic Colleges.

Admissions for students who have studied at another University:
USFQ can admit students who have completed or are pursuing higher education at other universities with the option of whether or not to approve their credits.

Admissions of Non-Regular Students:
USFQ offers a new opportunity to students who finish high school and plan to study abroad and also for those who already studied abroad, but for various reasons they need to study one or two semesters in Ecuador.

*Admissions of Foreign Students
To be officially admitted to USFQ and begin their studies in any degree or program, foreign students must have a bachelor's degree recognized by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador and a visa or immigration status that allows them to study in the country. A color copy of the student visa must be sent via email to admisiones@usfq.edu.ec or delivered to the Admissions Office prior to the official admission of the student and the beginning of their studies.

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