Re-entry and Readmission


The student who requests a re-entry to the University to continue their studies must be aware that they will submit to the academic requirements, curricular conditions and legal provisions in force at the time of their re-entry.

Students who have been pursuing a third level career at USFQ but who have been inactive, for any reason, for one semester or more in the in-person or semi in-person mode, or in two modules of the same academic period in the online mode, must submit the "Re-entry Form" at the OASA Office of Academic Affairs and Services. Students of the online modality should send the Re-entry Form to the email

The request may be denied. You can only re-enter a third level career that is in force.

To inquire about the deadlines for submitting the re-entry form to the OASA Office of Academic Affairs and Services, please access the academic calendar at the following link

If these dates coincide with the weekend, the term will be transferred to the next business day. In no case will applications be received after the above deadlines or after classes have started for the semester to be attended.

The re-entry authorization is valid only for the semester that appears in the re-entry resolution. If the re-entry process is not completed, you must submit a new application to OASA within the form submission deadlines.

General conditions or requirements for re-entry to a career in any modality

Re-entry under the following concurrent conditions will be admitted for analysis by the USFQ Re-entry and Approval Committee:

  1. That the degree to which the student wishes to re-enter is in force.
  2. That the student has no more than two reentries to the University.
  3. That no more than five years have elapsed from the date of the last semester studied.
  4. That the student does not have three in any subject taken and previously failed that belongs to the current curriculum of the career to which he intends to re-enter.
  5. That the student has maintained a Cumulative Average (GPA) as of the date of the last semester completed and completed, according to the following table:

To re-enter: Minimum GPA required for re-entry

Graduate Programs (see Postgraduate Manual) 3.00/4.00

Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Law Degree Programs 3.00/4.00

Architecture Degree 2.50/4.00

All other careers of the USFQ Academic Colleges including Architecture students admitted before the First Semester 2012/131.50/4.00

At the discretion of the dean of the school to which the student re-enters, it is possible that certain subjects of General School or of the career that have been taken prior to re-entry and that may be outdated must be taken again.

Steps of the Reentry Process

The steps that the student must carry out for their re-entry are described below:

  1. Print the "Reentry Request Form" from the USFQ website by accessing the following link: and complete all the requested information. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  2. In case the student wishes to re-enter a different career and / or modality, they must print the “Re-entry Request Form with Change of Career / Change of Modality”. A student may only make up to two career changes and two study modality changes.
  3. Submit the form to the OASA Office of Academic Affairs and Services, which will review the academic record and immediately inform the student if it is possible to continue the process. If the answer is positive, it will refer the case to the Reentry and Homologation Committee.
  4. Students of the Online Education Program should send their scanned form along with a copy of their ID to
  5. This Committee will analyze in detail the case and the fulfillment of the requirements for re-entry and will issue a reasoned resolution.
  6. OASA will send the student, by mail, a letter informing them of the Committee's resolution and will request that they contact this Office to inform them of the conditions of their re-entry.
  7. If the student confirms his re-entry and cancels the corresponding values ​​in the treasury, his initial student code (ID) will be reactivated so that he can register his subjects or he will issue a new code according to the result of the review carried out by the Re-entry Committee and Approvals.

OASA will enter an “attribute” in the student's academic record that will allow the number of re-admissions, career changes and modality to be counted.

If the re-entry is processed with a change of career and / or modality, the homologation of the approved subjects will be done prior to the re-entry.

It is the responsibility of the student who re-enters the USFQ to verify with his dean or coordinator the subjects that are missing and to pass for his graduation. In any case, the mesh in force at the date of re-entry will always be applied.

Students who have been suspended for poor performance must meet the requirements and follow the steps outlined above for re-entry to the same or a different career.

Students who have been suspended for disciplinary problems / breaches of the Code of Honor and Coexistence, must meet the requirements and follow the steps described above for their re-entry to the same career or another. OASA will verify with the Dean of Students that the student has complied with the sanction imposed.




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